Be More Human

By Alasdair McGill | daily blog

Feb 15

Yesterday morning I spoke to 80 design students at DJCAD about communication. We talked about the importance of writing or creating content regularly and how the more often you do it, the easier it gets. We spoke about the need to reflect, to think our own ideas, and not just write about what we did.

Kevin Anderson from The StoryEdge joined us for the afternoon, and after some Northern Soul (wait until you see next week’s vlog!), Kevin delivered a spell-binding talk about how to write with confidence. We were all luck to be there.

I’ve just been scrolling through twitter, and the vast majority of what I’m seeing is just soulless content. Content that’s written for SEO benefit, but not to get humans to engage with it! Which is why none of us do.

Mark Schaefer talked about it when he spoke about Content Shock – the sheer volume of content now overwhelms us.

So when you write, do what Kevin says and take your time to plan it. Write that Ugly First Draft. Share your thoughts and feelings, tell your story. Write the piece that you’d want to read.

Be authentic, be honest, be open, and be you.

Be. More. Human.

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